• 5 Indoor Wooden Badminton Courts.
  • 35 feet height ceiling.
  • Multigym facility for members which helps in warm-up, strength building for players.
  • Excellent lighting, Well ventilated and insulated academy.
  • Private parking space infront of academy.
  • Separate viewing area for parents.
  • Cafeteria and pro-shop are added facilities within campus of academy.


INFINITYS is the place to learn and become competitive in badminton because we offer National level coaching to help assist and guide our students every step of the way towards their success!

Our group program and training regimens are tailored to assist our students with the necessary developmental and competitive skills required to maximize their potential while learning to enjoy and love the game they all fell in love with from day one!

We strive to make our students become champions but additionally, we believe the preparation and journey towards success are equally as important.

We believe their positive athletic qualities will one day parallel and translate into personal excellence in the future!

Indoor Badminton Academy in Gurgaon | Badminton Courts in Gurgaon

If you are an enthusiast in sports, fitness, and other physical workouts or maybe you have a devoted interest in badminton; then it is good to consider visiting INFINITYS Indoor badminton Academy and Indoor badminton courts in Gurgaon. This Badminton club is the right place to start in case you are looking to find an engaging activity to enjoy with your family or acquaintances. We have superior indoor badminton courts that have all the requirements put in place by the World Badminton Federation.

Our Badminton club is devoted to providing the best facilities and a friendly environment where every badminton player can pay attention to improve their game, attaining desired fitness goals and interacting with other players as you enjoy playing your game.

With people’s daily uptight schedules and unhealthy way of life; attaining fitness is not an easy task. It requires working out regularly by going to the gym where you can perform various body exercises such as lifting weights. You will be able to work out at a modern gym to help you get rid of excess fat and attain your desired weight and shape.

Our Indoor badminton Academy and courts are among the most prominent and high-class Badminton societies in Gurgaon. The Badminton club is an ideal choice for each badminton enthusiast. The INFINITYS Indoor badminton Academy strives to offer the best training to novice and middle-level badminton enthusiasts. Our coaching staff comprises of skilled experts who are highly qualified to guide players to play like real badminton professionals.

At INFINITYS we have the best Indoor badminton courts in Gurgaon; this enables us to provide the best conditions to allow you to play well. The player is allowed to enjoy playing their game under the most outstanding circumstances and exceptional amenities, for example, slip-resistant floors to prevent players from accidents, excellent lighting, devoted washrooms for men and women, changing room among other facilities.

The INFINITYS Indoor badminton courts are designed to suit players of all levels and ages. Regardless of the player’s age or level, everyone is permitted to enter into the court to enjoy playing their game and have the best game time. Visiting players are also welcome to play at INFINITYS while interacting with the local and elite players in Gurgaon.

Badminton Club in Gurgaon

Our academy provides badminton training to players; our staff comprises of the best badminton trainers around Gurgaon. The instructors are experienced to work with players of all levels such as novice, middle level, and elite level players.

We offer a fully-equipped modern gymnasium which has various gym equipment such as weight machines and free weights. The gym is intended to assist members in preparation and for building strength in players. It is designed to suit every user’s fitness and health requirements. In addition, there are separate lockers for each individual to store their equipment and enhance privacy.

We provide a well-aerated academy with full-time instructors to give professional assistance; the academy has great illumination and high-quality amenities.

Our Badminton club has five indoor badminton courts with wooden floors to practice at all times, despite the weather conditions. The courts have a thirty-five feet height ceiling, ample parking space, a restaurant and pro-shop amenities all inside the academy.

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