Best Badminton Club in Gurgaon | Badminton Coaching in Gurgaon

When you are looking for a place to learn and acquire all that you need to become a professional and competitive in Badminton, think Infinitys Badminton Academy. We are best Best Badminton Club in Gurgaon, India where you can achieve your dream and take your sports objective to any level you wish. At Infinitys Academy, all that you need to become what you desire in badminton sport are provided in a well-structured and conducive environment. As a dedicated and responsible academy, we do not only provide the infrastructure and tools, we also offer all the support our students need to become successful.

Through our program and activities at Infinity Academy, we have able to stimulate the interest of people who were never interested in badminton or have never played badminton before, today they have developed not just the interest to play, but they have acquired the skills and developed the spirit to become competitive. Many of them are on their way to becoming professionals. Here at Infinity Academy, you can be sure you will get the best Badminton club in Gurgaon and Badminton coaching in Gurgaon.

Our programs are designed to suit both the professionals who desire to improve their skills and the beginners who are just coming into the sporting arena. Your current skills level or background does not really matter, we have all it takes to train you to become a success.


Infinitys Academy is unique in many ways. We stand out among our peers in several areas. Some of our unique features are highlighted below:

We have five Indoor Wooden Badminton Courts with adequate space for an excellent playing experience. 35 feet height ceiling that enables exciting playing experience, several gym facilities to help our members prepare and warm-up, it also enhance strength building for players.

Our lighting has no equal, we have excellent lighting, and the academic environment is well ventilated and insulated to give our students a wow learning experience.
At Infinitys Academy, parking space is not a problem at all. In fact, we have private parking space in front of the academy. We have a unique and separate viewing area for parents and relatives. When you come to our campus, you have no need to fear, we have designed and installed necessary security measure to ensure you are safe.

We also have added facilities within the campus, and this includes our well-equipped cafeteria and pro-shop where you can get all your badminton gears without going through any stress.

Our Coaches and Trainers 
We pride ourselves to be a leading Badminton club in Gurgaon and Badminton coaching in Gurgaon. We have professional coaches carefully selected to suit the need of our student categories. Our coaches are award-winning players at different levels. We have coaches to handle the professionals, we have coaches who train and bring up beginners to become stars, we also have coaches who can effectively manage semi-advance or intermediate players and lot more. Regardless of your level of development in badminton, we welcome you to Infinitys Academy where we are sure you will have access to competent coaches based on your need. We are not making noise, a trial will convince you. 

Our Classes
At Infinity Academy, we have developed and tailored our classes to suit the need of various categories of students depending on their needs. The levels range from beginners classes, semi advance or intermediate courses and advanced courses. Each of the types is designed and structured to address specific skill sets needed to help our student success.