INFINITYS is the place to learn and become competitive in badminton because we offer National level coaching to help assist and guide our students every step of the way towards their success!

Our group program and training regimens are tailored to assist our students with the necessary developmental and competitive skills required to maximize their potential while learning to enjoy and love the game they all fell in love with from day one!

We strive to make our students become champions but additionally, we believe the preparation and journey towards success are equally as important.

We believe their positive athletic qualities will one day parallel and translate into personal excellence in the future!


Whether you just recently picked up a racket or would like to represent your school in the upcoming season, we have what you’re looking for! INFINITYS offers group training for both beginners and intermediate level students who would like to learn and improve on their current badminton skills.

(must be evaluated before enroll)

Tuesday to Sunday 4PM - 8PM

There are 2 options in Beginner level coaching

3 Days in a week 1 Hour Class
6 Days in a week 1 Hour Class

(must be approved by coach)

ADVANCE and Semiadvance CLASS

Whether you’re a beginner or an advance adult player, we have different advance level classes that could match your skill level and goals.
For your conveniences, we offer adult group training for both beginner and advance levels from early morning to late evening.
An individual assessment will be administered to appropriately place and group the individual accordingly.
We focus on properly improving the consistency, accuracy and strategies of the game. Examples of material covered are the basic game principles, game strategies and executions, doubles rotations, tempo, target and situational training.

Come out and join us for one session to meet new friends and learn new ways to improve your game!

Semi advance Classes

3 Days in a week 3 hours
6 Days in a week 3 hours

ADVANCE Classes option

3 Days in a week 9 hours
6 Days in a week 9 hours