About us

The INFINITYS Badminton Academy was borne of a long held ambition to create a wider and more comprehensive badminton progression route for juniors in Gurugram and beyond. We have always known that more coaching, training and competition is necessary to allow any committed junior player to reach their full potential. The Academy will provide all the resources to allow any junior – or any adult, for that matter – to take their sport to whatever level they wish. INFINITYS Academy started on 3rd September 2017 and it has since grown from strength to strength.

Through the badminton academy, many people who have never played badminton before have developed a passion for the sport; many people who have played before but were never serious have developed a competitive spirit. All in all, IBA has promoted the sport of badminton greatly within the community and hopes to continue doing so.

At INFINITYS Badminton Academy, we are a team of badminton fanatics aiming to build a state-of-art facility for both pros and amateurs. We strive to bring awareness, and raise the popularity of this wonderful sport to this great city of diversity that encompasses endless possibility. We welcome players of all ages and levels to come play, learn, socialize and just have fun. So whether you are a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in-between IBA is for you.