Refund and Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation

Important Rules

  • Badminton: Cancellation shall be made 6 business hours prior to the booked slot
  • Business hours – 5 am to 11 pm
  • Booking amount does not carry any Validity limit but should be used within 3 months
  • Persons found violating the rules will be asked to vacate the courts

Court Booking rules

  • Booking can be made online only by slot booking option on website of InfinityS
  • Booking can be made online up to 14 days in advance. For long term booking, contact InfinityS office.
  • Court booking does not entitle entry to play. Management reserves the right based on the terms laid down time to time.
  • Any tournaments/matches/coaching, InfinityS should approve of the same or it would result in cancelation of booking.

Court Cancelation rules

  • Cancelation shall be made 6 hours prior to the booking slots for Badminton.
  • Cancellation to be made directly online using your login credentials and refund would be automatically credited to your account immediately.
  • Cancellation will not be entertained at the office. No REFUND whatsoever.
  • Incase cancelation is made by InfinityS due to unavoidable circumstances, such as but not limiting to the following: natural calamities, maintenance of courts, power failure, over booking, technical fault, etc., the same amount shall be refunded to your account within 24 working hours.
  • Booking shall be cancelled and No refund would be made for players not abiding by the rules laid down by InfinityS.

No Show

In case the player does not show up within 15 minutes from the allotted time, InfinityS has the right to give the court to someone else and the refund will not be entertained. In case the player is running late, he/she shall intimate InfinityS support staff in advance.
Online transactions and responsibility

InfinityS makes best efforts to keep all data pertaining to transactions and account secure but incase it is compromised, InfinityS will not be held responsible for the impact.

User will be responsible for the login and PIN that was created and for the booking made through the same. If you feel your details are compromised, please intimate InfinityS and change the password immediately but the user will be responsible for the past transactions.